Best Restaurant in Arugam Bay


There are many hotels in Arugam Bay, but nothing quite like the Garden Cottage. Wedged in the heart of the town, Garden Cottage’s restaurant offers a heady mix of cuisines, cooking techniques and flavorful ingredients From Asia with finger-licking Indian delicacies and spicy Chinese dishes to Delicious Mediterranean and Arabic Medleys. The list doesn’t stop there! Italian and continental cuisine fill a part of the a la carte menu. How can we forget the much talked-about Sri Lankan food with its delicate blend of spices and a taste that lingers in your mouth for much longer? Yes we serve that too! Our diversity is what makes us one of the best Arugam Bay restaurants. With many options, it can be quite difficult to make a choice. In the end, you will be satisfied because of the fresh ingredients and balanced flavors that will dance in your palate. The cozy ambiance brought about by the open-air setting and the plants that surround the restaurant gives you an experience worthy of seven stars. The wooden furniture goes with the natural theme of the restaurant making it a perfect setting to get closer to nature while enjoying a plate of good food.