Surfing in Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay

While most people associate Arugam Bay with surfing, this tiny storybook town is more than ideal wave breaks and exciting surf spots: it has a nature embracing side. From picturesque lagoon tours to heritage temple visits that can tap into your spirit. Arugam Bay is the complete package for a mind-blowing holiday. Being situated in the southeast belt of the island makes the Arugam Bay weather pleasant throughout the year with seasoned flashes of heat and rain. Some of Arugam Bay’s outskirts consist of a 70 kilometer wide inland forest with flora and fauna galore, the Lahugala national Park were elephants amble just 10 kilometers away and the animal lover’s heaven, the gigantic Yala National Park which is roughly 20 miles south of the town. Whether you have a gigantic or a teeny budget, there are abundant things to do in Arugam Bay. The to-die-for food, unspoiled sandy-white beaches, the buzz of surfing and convivial atmosphere the town exudes will make it hard for you not to fall for Arugam Bay. With a population still in the hundreds, Arugam Bay calls its visitors with promises of delicious and fresh seafood dishes, adventurous surfing possibilities and wildlife tours that introduce you to the diversity of Sri Lankan Fauna. Like beads in a chain, everything is dotted along a single road parallel to the coast. There is no better way to experience the joyful spirit of Arugam Bay without paying it a visit!